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History of Rogues MC

Founded in 1979, Opmeer, The Netherlands.

Rogues MC is a 1% MC, with most Members living in the Netherlands. Some of our Members have a P.M.A.-status.

After being the only chapter for more than 27 years the Mother Chapter Opmeer decided to expand. Place of birth of the new chapter was Almere on the 22nd of October 2006.

The Brotherhood is getting bigger!!

One of the characteristics of Rogues members is building and rebuilding Harley Davidsons. Favourite expression being used in the club is “Fuck Stock, Stock Sucks”.

Just building isn’t enough, Rogues members love to ride what they build. Famous for traveling all over Europe, some of our Members even made plenty of miles in the USA.

Rogues, we build them, we ride them!!!